New Car Protection

Purchasing a brand new vehicle is a huge investment. Having your vehicle protected right away is the best option to maintain and preserve your vehicle inside & out. New vehicles will receive a complete exterior wash and decontamination wash. Cars sit outside of the dealer lot and is exposed to many outside elements. Proper paint prepping is still nedded to ensure a clean, defect free finish. 

We have many options to choose from for your new vehicle. All new car packages comes with exterior wash, paint decontamination, paint enhancement polish, and your choice of protection package.

Single Stage Correction

Level 1

If you're looking to enhance gloss, this is the option for you. You'll see a huge bump in gloss in your vehicle's paint. Will remove/reduce swirls pending on the vehicles condition.

(up to 75% defect removal)

  • Wheels, Tires and Fenders Wells are cleaned

  • Door jambs are cleaned

  • Pre-Rinse to remove loose dirt, grime, bug splatter

  • Full exterior hand wash to further clean all surfaces

  • Clay bar decontamination to remove surface contaminants

  • 1-Step Mild Polish

  • Spray Protection (6-10 months)

  • Glass cleaned

  • Trims and Tires are dressed

  • Wheel Sealant Protection

Starting at $449

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