Exterior Detailing
Paint Rejuvenation Polish

Our Most Popular Package That Enhances Shine And Protects Your Vehicle's Appearance.

A paint enhancement polish can improve your vehicle's overall appearance. This includes a one-step polish that removes light-medium paint swirls, while restoring shine in one step. But we don't stop there, an additional layer of ceramic sealant is applied to all painted surfaces, which protect your paint for up to 6+ months. This is not your typical wash & wax service, this offers much better, longer results.

Why Choose This Service Over A Wash & Wax?

Although a wash & wax is a simple way to protect your paint, but in most cases provides mediocre results. Also, imagine applying wax on a vehicle that's covered in swirls, oxidation, ect. Most times a wax may improve these defects temporarily. With our paint rejuvenation detail, we're further enhancing the vehicle's appearance by removing light-moderate paint defects, while leaving behind a high gloss finish. This also provides much longer, better results. & finish. There's a reason why this is one of our most popular packages we offer.


Paint Rejuvenation

From $500*

  • Exterior decontamination wash including wheels & tires.

  • Chemical & Clay bar decontamination

  • One step mild polish

  • Paint protected with ceramic sealant lasting up to 6+ months

  • All tires, plastics, & trims dressed.

  • Wheels faces are also protected with spray seal.

  • Exterior & interior glass is cleaned to a streak free finish.

As you can see in the picture above, this paint is covered in heavy swirling, leading to a poor finish.

This is after performing a one-step polish, restoring clarity & shine. Paint is not perfect, but looks much better.

Paint is protected with a durable spray coating that last a minimum of 6-months. Vehicle will become much easier to clean & maintain.