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Paint Rejuvenation Polish

Our Most Popular Package That Enhances Shine And Protects Your Vehicle's Appearance.

A paint enhancement polish can improve your vehicle's overall appearance. This package includes a mild polish that removing light-medium/moderate paint defects, while enhances your vehicle's appearance in one step. But we don't stop there, a ceramic coating is applied to all painted surfaces, which protect your paint for up to a minimum 6 months. Perfect option for daily drivers and new vehicles.


Starting At $500*

What's included?

  • Exterior wash including door jambs, wheels & tires

  • Paint decon - clay bar & chemical

  • Medium cut polish to remove light-medium paint defects

  • Ceramic spray protection lasting up to 6+ months

  • All tires, plastics, & trims dressed.

  • Wheels faces protected

  • Exterior & interior glass is cleaned

*Upgrade to a Ceramic Coating Protection*

*Results will vary pending on the vehicle's condition and clear coat type*

As you can see in the picture above, this paint is covered in paint swirls, leading to a poor finish.

This is after performing a one-step polish, restoring clarity & shine. Paint is not perfect, but looks much better.

Paint is protected with a 6 month protective coating. Vehicle will become much easier to clean & maintain.




Are you mobile or shop based?

We're currently only mobile at the moment. We do require a garage to be able to perform majority of our services.

What's the difference between a Paint Rejuvenation & Paint Correction?

A paint rejuvenation is designed to remove light-medium defects, while finishing down to a high gloss finish in one step. A paint correction includes multiple polishing steps: first stage using a cutting compound to remove moderate-heavy defects, followed by a second stage which includes a finishing polish and pad to achieve maximum gloss.

Do you require an in-person evaluation?

We highly recommend scheduling a vehicle evaluation to properly access the vehicle and to discuss what's needed.

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