Why Trust VelociDetail?

VelociDetail is not your average mobile detailer. We bring luxury mobile detailing services to your doorstep throughout all of Denver & surrounding areas. We focus on a more unique business model that is low volume based vs high volume (1 or 2 vehicles a day). VelociDetail is Licensed & Insured with over 8 years of experience. We are about providing extraordinary, long-term results to you and your vehicle. What makes us unique is that we aim for vehicle owners who sees more in their vehicle than just a means of transportation, for those that love's their vehicle more than the average person. This ranges from those who just purchased a brand new vehicles, daily driven vehicles, or hardcore car enthusiast who wants only the best for their vehicle. I see detailing as a true work of art, our extreme attention-to-detail is what set us apart from others. I am about meeting your expectations, delivering the best level of service, and the best customer experience as possible. If you're looking to go beyond an average detail, contact us and lets discuss your needs.


Richie Harvey



Is VelociDetail Shop based or Mobile only?

VelociDetail is currently mobile based only. We come to your location.


What are your hours?

VelociDetail currently run on a part-time basis. We're making big plans in the future to run full-time. We mostly schedule any detailing on weekend availability. However, we're always available to schedule a date and time if weekdays are your preferred choice. Scheduling is by appointments only!

Is there anything you require to do a detail?

The only thing we require is power source. Also we highly prefer to work in a garage, cover, or a port in some cases (garage is absolutely required if doing any paint corrections & coatings).

Do you require a non-refundable deposit for every service?

As we continue to grow each day, no-calls no-shows really puts a damper on our business. To completely minimize this issue, we require a non-refundable deposit on all services. Now we do understand that things happen in life and that you absolutely may need to reschedule. We allow re-schedules up to 2 times with a day of your choice as long as that day is available. We require 50% down when scheduling an appointment.

Do you offer maintenance programs?

We offer maintenance options for those that purchased a detail from us in the past. We do offer certain maintenance programs for those that purchased ceramic coatings as well.