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Exterior Paint Rejuvenation

Our Standard Exterior Package That Enhances Shine And Protects Your Vehicle's Appearance.

A paint enhancement polish can improve your vehicle's overall appearance. A typical wash & wax just doesn't cut it. Our paint rejuvenation package leaps over any wash & wax service. This offers much better, longer results.

What Is A Paint Rejuvenation?

A paint rejuvenation polish involves remove or reducing light-mild paint blemishes, while leaving behind a high gloss finish in one-step. This is NOT a full paint correction, but more as a paint refinement to restore shine and depth.

GTI Enhance Polish & Seal
Porsche Polish & Seal
Lexus Polish & Seal

Cars At $400*

SUV/Trucks At $500*

What's included?

  • Exterior wash including door jambs, wheels & tires

  • Paint decontamination wash - clay bar & chemical

  • Light machine polish

  • Ceramic sealant protection minimum 6+months

  • All tires, plastics, & trims dressed.

  • Wheels faces protected

  • Exterior & interior glass is cleaned


*Upgrade to a Ceramic Coating*

*Results may vary pending on the vehicle's condition and clear coat type*

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