Ceramic Coating Protects Your Paint Against Denver's Harsh Weather Conditions

VelociDetail Coatings & New Car Prep

Paint coatings offer many benefits such as eliminating the need to apply a wax or sealant, chemical resistance, self cleaning properties, extremely hydrophobic, and maintains gloss for years. VelociDetail offers Mobile Ceramic Coating services throughout Denver with one of the best paint protection available on the market.


3+ Year Coating Package

Extremely Hydrophobic & Chemical Resistance | Sharp Gloss & Shine


This is our top tier coating option that protects up to a minimum of 3 years. This professional grade coating provides insane gloss, extremely chemical resistant, and makes your vehicle much easier to clean. Includes coating windshield glass & trims.

Starting At $1200*

*Package includes our Paint Enhancement package. Price will vary pending on vehicle's size & condition*

Mustang Mach-E Ceramic Coated

1+ Year Coating Package

Hydrophobic & Chemical Resistance | Gloss Increase


Our entry-level coating package provides great value & protection. This coating is very hydrophobic, durable, and offers amazing gloss. Includes windshield coating. Includes coating windshield glass & trims.

Starting At $800*

*Package includes our Paint Enhancement package. Price will vary pending on vehicle's size & condition*

Shelby Mustang Ceramic Coated

Wheel Coating Protection


Your wheels deserve the same protection and care as your paint. Highly resistance to chemicals & extremely water repellent. All wheel surfaces are coated

Starting At $150*


What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating creates an additional layer of protection over your vehicle's existing clear coat, which protects your paint from UV, dirt, and other harmful environmental elements. Unlike waxes or sealants, coatings provide a much more durable protection that doesn't fade away within a few or several months. Coatings are highly repellent against water, dirt, and mud, which in return makes your vehicle extremely easy to wash and maintain.

Think about it, the amount of time and money you spend to wax or seal your vehicle every few months. Most of the time usually offers mediocre results and protection. Granted, the upfront cost of a coating can be a bit costly, but in return you're getting protection that last for years, and offers much more benefits over any waxes/sealants. In the long run, a coating can save you money.

What are the benefits of a ceramic coating?

  • Maintains looks and value of your vehicle

  • Extremely hydrophobic, repels dirt, mud, & water

  • Protection against UV, harsh chemicals, bird droppings, fading, and corrosion.

  • Reduces water spotting

  • No need to apply a wax or sealant during the life of a coating

  • Makes maintenance washing much easier

What are some ceramic coating myths?

There are some misinformation about coatings that are simply not true. One of the biggest myths is that coatings protect against swirls and scratches. Coatings do provide a much harder layer, but it's simply not strong enough to withstand these types of defects. However, it does help with preventing light marring which sometimes happen when washing and drying your vehicle. To further add, coatings do not protect against rock chips. Coatings are simply there to protect your paint from degrading overtime.

**PLEASE note that we highly recommended seeing the vehicle in-person to accurately quote. A Non-Refundable fee is required upon scheduling. Coating packages are available as an add-on to any of our exterior packages.**

Click HERE to see our entire ceramic coating process.


Ceramic Coating FAQ​


Are you mobile or shop based?

We're currently only mobile at the moment. We can apply coatings mobile, but we do require a garage to work in for majority of our packages.

Is there a cure time after applying a ceramic coating?

We recommend the vehicle to be indoors for at least 12+ hours before driving.

Can I wash my vehicle after a coating install?

Don't wash the vehicle within 7 days after coating install.

Do you require to see the vehicle in-person for a quote?

We HIGHLY recommend seeing the vehicle in-person for a quote. Every vehicle is different from one onto the next. This helps us accurately quote the car and discuss what is needed.

Can I skip doing any prep work and/or paint correction before applying a coating?


All of our coating packages comes standard with paint prepping which includes exterior wash, decontamination wash, and at minimum a paint enhancement to clean and prep the paint surface.