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Premium Paint Correction Services In Denver


What is Paint Correction Polishing?

Paint correction is a process of leveling the clear coat to remove or reduce paint defects such as paint swirls, scratches, water spots, etching, and oxidation. Using a series of polishing machines, compound/polishing liquids, and pads to take care of paint defects, while preserving the clear coat as much as possible. If your paint is looking a bit dull, or if you notice spider webbing (swirls) in direct sunlight, there's not better option than having your paint corrected. Keep in mind, this is no quick service. This is a very time consuming process that can take several hours to complete pending on the vehicle's condition. This is the best way to bring out that near showroom finish, and making your vehicle stand out from the rest.

What Causes Swirls & Scratches?

They're many reasons behind what causes swirls and scratches. Using improper tools and automatic tunnel washes with brushes are some of the most common causes for this to happen. To be fair, there's no 100% safe method to avoid swirls. But proper maintenance washing and tools can minimize this greatly.

Why Recommend a Ceramic Coating After Paint Correction?

Paint correction alone is a tedious process. Sometimes this process could take several hours pending on the vehicle's condition. Having a long-term ceramic paint protection on your vehicle will provide much better protection than a standard wax or sealant. A coating will protect your paint much longer, which in return keep your paint looking it's best and reduces the chance UV rays and other environmental contaminants. Paint correction and ceramic coatings go hand-and hand together.

What is the overall goal when performing a Paint Correction?

The goal for us is to safely remove as much defects as possible, while at the same time preserving as much clear coat as possible. We're not the type to attack every vehicle with an aggressive combination if it's not needed (least aggressive method first). We always use a paint depth gauge to helps us determine how much clear may be left on the paint. Obviously low numbers is not ideal, which means we're very limited on what we can achieve. Paint preservation is very important to us.

We may require a vehicle inspection to discuss which level is needed/desired. Also note that not all scratches can be removed, and we will NOT chase after severe scratches.




Paint Resurrection



This involves a multi-step polish system to achieve the best results possible (up to 90% defect removal).

  • Exterior decontamination wash including wheels & tires.

  • Chemical & Clay bar decontamination

  • Multi-stage polishing

  • Single layer ceramic sealant lasting up to 6 months

  • All tires, plastics, & trims dressed.

  • Wheels faces are also protected with spray seal.

  • Exterior & interior glass is cleaned to a streak free finish.​

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