Ceramic Coating

VelociDetail specializes in ceramic coatings throughout Denver and surrounding areas.

What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating creates a sacrificial layer over your vehicle's clear coat, which protects your paint from dirt, grime, and contamination. This provides an extreme durable protection due to the coating bonding to the vehicle's paint, which can only be removed by abrasion and/or very harsh chemicals. With proper care and maintenance, a ceramic coating will last for years, keeping your vehicle looking it's best. At VelociDetail, we specialize in ceramic coatings throughout Denver and surrounding areas. Protect your paint with the best protection available on the market.

Why should I have my vehicle ceramic coated?

Unlike waxes or sealants, ceramic coatings will not wear off overtime. The biggest benefit of a coating is that your vehicle will become much easier to clean and to maintain. Dirt and mud doesn't stick to the vehicle's painted surfaces, which makes your vehicle much easier to clean and maintain.

  • Maintains looks and value of your vehicle

  • Extreme water repellent behavior

  • Protection against UV rays

  • Some resistance to very fine scratches

  • Reduces the chance of water spotting

  • No need to apply a wax or sealant during the life of a coating

  • Makes maintenance washing much easier

What are the myths about ceramic coatings?

Just like everything else, unfortunately they're some false claims about ceramic coatings that out there. We're here to address these myths so that you're aware.

  • Ceramic coatings do not protect against rock chips (look into PPF).

  • Coatings are not scratch proof, but may offer some level of very fine resistance.

  • Ceramic coatings are prone to water spotting if not addressed right away.

  • You'll never have to wash your car ever again (false). Ceramic coatings still require proper maintenance and care to get the best results long-term.

What is all included in a coating package?

All coating packages requires prepping the paint. This is a very crucial part of the process to ensure a clean, defect free paint surfaces.

  • Exterior wash (wheels, tires, paint)

  • Chemical and mechanical paint decontamination wash

  • Paint correction polish to remove any paint defects that may be present.

  • Panel prep wipe down to remove any residue from the paint

  • Coating are applied to all painted surface (wheels faces and glass is optional)

**PLEASE note that we may require an in-person consultation for a quote. All coating packages requires our paint correction pending on the vehicle's condition. Prices are subject to change based on vehicle's size & condition. We may require 2-days to complete pending on vehicle's condition. A Non-Refundable fee is required upon scheduling.**

Click HERE to see our entire ceramic coating process.

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3-5 Year Ceramic Coating Protection Package




This is our top tier coating package which provides phenomenal protection, and creates a diamond hard surface that doesn't degrade.


Exterior wash

Chemical & Clay bar decontamination

*Paint Correction Required*

Coating applied on paint and trims

Includes windshield coating


1-Year Ceramic Coating Protection Package




This package is perfect entry-level coating which offers superb protection and extreme hydrophobic water behavior at a great price.


Exterior wash

Chemical & Clay bar decontamination

*Minimum Paint Enhancement Polish Required*

Coating applied on paint and trims

Includes windshield coating

**Upgrade to a Multi-Step Paint Correction**


Additional Coating Options

Wheel Coating (faces only)

Windshield Coating

Trim Coating

Leather Coating

Fabric Coating

Vinyl Coating


Ceramic Coating FAQ​


Are you mobile or shop based?

We're currently only mobile at the moment. We can apply coatings mobile, but we do require a garage to work in for majority of our packages.

Is there a cure time after applying a ceramic coating?

We recommend the vehicle to be indoors for at least 12-24 hours before driving.

Can I wash my vehicle after a coating install?

After the initial 12-24 hour cure time, we highly advise not to wash the vehicle with 7-14 days. You may use only water during this period, but no soaps or any other chemicals.

Can I skip doing any prep work and/or paint correction before applying a coating?


All of our coating packages comes standard with paint prepping which includes wash, decon wash, & paint correction.