Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Why choose a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating forms a glass like surface over your vehicle's painted surfaces. A protective paint coating will protect your paint for years, extremely water repellent, protects from harmful UV rays, chemical resistance, fading, and drastically reduces water spotting.

  • Your vehicle will become much easier to wash & maintain.

  • No need to apply a wax during the life of a coating.

  • Extreme water beading & self cleaning abilities.

  • Provides years of durable protection & gloss.

  • Protects against UV rays and harsh environmental chemicals such as acid rain, rail dust, bird droppings, tree sap, and bug splatter.

  • A protective coating will maintain the value of your vehicle.

  • Resistance against light marring (micro scratches).

**PLEASE note that we may REQUIRE an in-person consultation for a quote. We're open to discuss estimates so that you'll have an ideal on pricing. Prices are subject to change based on vehicle's size & condition. A Non-Refundable fee is required upon scheduling. All coating packages requires either a paint rejuvenation polish or paint correction polish pending on vehicle's condition (Not Included in prices below).**

ASP 1-Year Ceramic Coating.jpg
Apex Surface One Protection Coating

1 Year Coating/12K Miles

All Painted Surfaces

From $200*

*Requires Machine Polishing*

ASP Metal Oxide Ceramic Coating.jpg
Apex Surface Protection Metal Oxide Coating

5 Year Coating/60k Miles

All Painted Surfaces

From $600

*Requires Machine Polishing*

Additional Coating Options

Coating wheel faces

Fabric & Leather Coating

Glass Coating

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