Exterior Paint Cleanse & Protect

Our Standard Exterior Service That Simply Increase Shine And Protects Your Paint

Are you only looking to protect your vehicle's paint? Well this is it. This is a great package which includes a thorough decontamination wash, followed by a very fine polish to prep your paint for protection. You'll notice an increase in shine and a sealant protection that last for months.

**Prices are subject to change based on vehicle's size, condition, and any additional work that may be required.**

BMW Paint Protection.jpg
Wash, Seal, Interior

What's the process?


- Exterior pre-soak and hand wash including wheels & tires

- Iron & Clay bar to remove embedded and surface contaminants

- Fine Polish to clean and increase shine
- Apply sealant to all painted surfaces (up to 6 months)

- Tires, plastics, & trims dressed

- Wheels faces protected

- Glass clean inside & out


Starting From $250 and Up*


Exterior Detail FAQ​


Are you mobile or shop based?

We're currently only mobile at the moment. We can apply coatings mobile, but we do require a garage to work in for majority of our packages.

Do you require to see the vehicle in-person for a quote?

We highly recommend seeing the vehicle in person. We offer free vehicle evaluation and spot testing so that you'll have an idea on what you're looking for.