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How do I choose the right Paint Correction Package?

Updated: May 24, 2021

Choosing the right paint correction (paint buffing) package can sometimes be confusing. Not to mention that every vehicle response differently even if using the same polish and pad combo. But we're here to help, and will try to keep it as simple as possible. These examples are all based off packages we offer here at VelociDetail.

Paint Enhancement (1-Step Polish): If you take a look at the photo above, you can see some light-mild swirls. Only a light or mild polish is needed to remove these defects, and leave behind a high gloss finish. Using an aggressive combination would be overkill and is not needed. The goal is finding the least aggressive combination that works.

Minor Paint Correction (2-Step Correction): As you can see the picture above, you'll notice a lot more swirls and even some surface scratches. A 1-step polish would remove 30-50% of these defects, but anything beyond that will remain. Our minor paint correction (2-step cut & polish) will remove up to 80% of these defects. A more aggressive polish and pad is used in the first step to remove moderate/heavy imperfections, followed by an ultra fine polish to haziness to restore gloss and clarity. Again, test spots is vital to ensure we find the best method that works without going overly aggressive. This is our most popular paint correction package.

Major Paint Correction (3-Step Correction): This option is perfect for vehicles with severe swirls and scratches. This includes some wet sanding of severe scratches and other imperfections. Keep in mind that only some defects will be improved and is not safe to completely remove. Followed by multi-stages of correction and polishing (2 or 3 stage). Due to the level of correction, not every vehicle is eligible for this service. The goal is to achieve maximum results (up to 90-95%) and the highest level of gloss and clarity. We usually recommend this option for show vehicles and/or non daily driven vehicles.

We hope this helps you understand the paint correction options we offer based on the vehicle's condition. We will note that sometimes a vehicle may need additional work on one panel vs. another panel. Example: let's say a vehicle needs only a one step polish, but the back of the vehicle may require additional correction (two step) to achieve results to match the rest of the vehicle. This is why we highly prefer to see the vehicle in-person for an accurate quote, to help determined what is best needed for the vehicle.

Visit our website for fill out a form if you're interested in scheduling a paint correction service. We highly recommend a ceramic coating.

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