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Is Ceramic Coating Right For You?

Updated: May 24, 2021

As always, we can't stress enough how awesome it is to have a ceramic coating in your vehicle. But we also understand that coatings may not be for everyone. The upfront cost associated with coatings is definitely one of them. Also some may not know how to properly maintain a coating properly (we educate on this as much as possible). Some may think that coatings will protect against scratches, water spotting, and/or may not have to wash their vehicle again for the life of the coating. It is important to educate yourself as much as possible before making a decision to purchase a coating. Here are some things to consider:

~Do you take your vehicle through automatic washes with brushes or self serve washes and using a soap brush? Not for you.

~Do you wash your vehicle using proper tools and techniques? Right for you

~Do you wash your vehicle and let water dry on the vehicle? Not for you

~Do you care about keeping your vehicle's paint in the best condition as possible? Right for you

~Do you believe that coatings will protect your car from scratches and rock chips? Not for you

~Do you enjoy not being able to wax every few months and enjoy the ease of washing? Right for you

~Can you get a coating installed for cheap even if it means avoiding proper paint preparation? If the answer is yes, Not for you

~Do you understand that a proper coating install is not cheap (yes it is expensive) and I'm willing have it done right? You should know the answer to that.

I'm sure they're other things we can cover to see if a coating is right for you. These are just some great things to go by if you're considering a coating sometime in the future. Remember to ask alot of questions If you do consider to purchase a coating, it is a decision you will not regret at all.

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